Thermal Solutions

We offer many different test and burn-in thermal solutions including passive heatsinks, active heatsinks, and individual thermal control systems.  We also can provide thermal anaylsis to confirm your situation.



Featured Vendors/Products

Clip On Heatsinks

Wells-CTI iSocket™

Sensata iSocket™

The iSocket™ TMA interfaces with individual device and socket assemblies on the printed circuit board. An integral microprocessor calculates the precise amount of heat, or cooling, required to maintain the device at a programmed temperature.

The user can program the desired temperature to individual iSockets™ through iSocket Host, a graphical user interface.

Custom Heatsinks


Experience superior thermal management and control with Thermal Control Units from Sensata

Thermal Control Units, or TCUs, are used to control device temperatures during performance testing sequences. Whether it be for device characterization, validation, production or system level testing applications, TCUs are an alternative solution for IC thermal management.








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