Aries Package Correct-A-Chip™ Adapters


Aries Electronics offers package chip adapters for almost all packages.  Regardless of your target package or socket footprint we can help you find the right solution.





Featured Products

Fine Pitch Bump Adapters



  • Adapt to fine pitch footprints including TSSOPs and QFP's with   pitches down to 0.4mm
  • Features raised connection pads up to 0.010 [0.25]
  • Available in tape and reel for high speed SMT assembly
  • Can be manufactured for RoHS compliance




BGA Switch-A-Pitch Adapters



  • Reduce HDI construction by adapting smaller pitch devices to larger footprints
  • Convert 0.4mm and 0.5mm pitch footprints to 1mm or 1.27mm pitch (Please contact factory for other pitch requirements)
  • Enable the use of standard line and trace spacing
  • Eliminate the need for laser-drilled micro vias motherboards





PQFP-to-PGA Socket



  • Convert surface-mount PQFP packages to an Amp interstitial PGA footprint.
  • Reduce costs by using less-expensive PQFP packages to replace PGA footprints in existing designs.
  • Pins are mechanically fastened and soldered to board using Aries patented process, creating a reliable electrical connection and rugged contact.





PLCC-to-DIP Adapter



  • Converts PLCC packaged ICs to DIP footprints.
  • Ideal for prototyping and testing/evaluation.
  • Available with PLCC sockets or PLCC pads on top side.



















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