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Burn-in Board Tester

The Bibtest 55XL is an extremely accurate Burn In board test system. The system is tailored to electrically test the complete Burn In Boards circuit to all Mil and Automotive standards.




Burn-in Systems

The Abrel Endzone Burn-in System can offer multiple lot testing over a wide temperature range. Abrel offer a number of test chamber options for qualification lots of 10 burn-in board positions and up to 104 positions for production runs.



Burn-In Boards

Abrel Products have been a market leader in the design and manufacture of burn-in boards since 1994, and are an approved global supplier to most major semiconductor companies. Boards can be supplied for all system types, with solutions available for many test conditions, including HTOL, LTOL, PTC, HAST and 85/85.










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