Precision Milling/Machining Parts

We work with various companies that operate several different types of CNC controlled equipment to maximize the services we can offer.

Their multi-head CNC routers are capable of efficiently and accurately machining parts from sheet stock. By running multiple parts under multiple heads, they can achieve part costs that you would expect from die cutting with quality that you would expect from machining or water jet cutting.

Our manufacturers also operate several CNC vertical machining centers that are also capable of machining exotic plastics down to the tolerances well below 0.001" in all axes. These machines allow us to work with much thicker materials than our routers can work with, and provide us with impressive z-axis capabilities.

Our vendors' drilling capabilities are also world-class operating  high speed (60k) multi-spindled drilling equipment that allow to accurate and rapidly drill holes in a wide variety of materials.




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